Download source/binary for Count

Latest release
  • Download source for Count 2.5 - wwwcount2.5.tar.gz (All platforms)
    (updated: Jul-17-1999)

  • Download self extacting binary for NT - Count25.exe
    (updated: Jul-21-1999)
    (Visit the NT binary page)
  • The source code for this program is distributed as a gzip compressed tar archive. If you do not have gzip/gunzip, download it. The URL is

    To extract the distribution, at the shell prompt, type:

        gunzip < wwwcount2.5.tar.gz | tar xvf -
        cd wwwcount2.5
    The program will compile with ANSI or non-ANSI C compiler.

    Old releases
    source+binary archive (2.3) for OS/2 (pkzipped)
    This port of Count 2.3 is done by Doug Shields
    Please read the file readme.os2 for details.
    VMS port of Count 2.3. The port to VMS is done by
    Phil Ottewell
    Binary for PowerMachTen & WebTen (Count 2.4)
    Ported and compiled by Alex Kac,
    A port to Amiga is done by Bert Vortman He added the source and binary archive to Aminet. Here are the links of the Amiga port:

    There are several other Aminet servers who are mirrors of the site.

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